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Dragon Ball Z: The Incredible Mightiest vs the Mightiest (Movie 5)

The tyrant Freeza lords over the Saiyan Bardock, as he prepares to eradicate the Planet Vegeta. To Freeza's mind, only three Saiyans will remain after the detonation; The Prince, his guardian, and a low class warrior. However, undetected by Freeza's spacecraft, another Saiyan escapes to the safety of Planet Earth...

Nearby, another spaceship belonging to the Cold Clan picks up the lone Saiyan space pod.
Commander Sauzer of the Coola Armored Squad tells his second, Naise, to shoot the pod down...
... but their leader, Lord Coola, insists they allow the Saiyan to live.
After all, it is his brother Freeza's mess to clean up, not his.

26 years later, Coola and his Armored Squad hear the news from a far distant world that Freeza has been killed, by a Super Saiyan. This supposed Super Saiyan, calling himself Son Goku, heralds from Earth. Not at all broken up about his brother, but bitter to see his clan's pride in tatters, Coola decides to make for a new destination: Earth.

Goku has finally returned from space. With his son Gohan, his pet Haiya Dragon, and friends Kuririn and Oolong in tow, Goku relaxes from his training by taking a camping trip. (Living alone on a mountain must get awfully stifling, y'know.) (Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and Chaozu weren't invited due to being irrelevant.) As Goku makes to catch their fish, and Kuririn stirs their curry pot (Kuri making curry!), the invaders from outer space arrive...

Dore and Naise make quick work of Gohan and Kuririn.

Sensing dark ki, Goku rushes to the scene to meet the Coola Armored Squad.
Naise, Sauzer, and Dore introduce themselves properly before the fight.
(In the DB universe, once you reach a certain tier of strength, you are required to do funny poses.)


But before Goku can put the Armored Squad away, an eerily familiar face and voice appear...
(Ryusei Naoko won't stop fighting Masako Nozawa.)

As Goku gawks at what appears to be Freeza, Coola strikes at Gohan!

Goku manages to rescue Gohan by taking the destructive beam to the back, but his ki is drained immensely. All he can muster is a pathetic counterattack that Coola easily deflects, before falling into the river below. Naise, Sauzer, and Dore celebrate with their leader, saying that now every Saiyan is dead... But Coola is certain a guy like that wouldn't be done in so easily, and commands them to find him, immediately.

Gohan gets Goku to safety, but overhead the Armored Squad ravages the surrounding forest in an attempt to get the Saiyans out of hiding. Kuririn, Oolong, and Haiya Dragon meet up with them, and Kuririn tells Gohan and Haiya Dragon to make for the one person who can save them: Karin-sama.

Gohan climbs Karin Tower to meet with its master and request a Senzu Bean for his father, but thanks to Haiya Dragon's flying, Gohan began climbing from the half way point. Karin finds this unacceptable, and commands Gohan to start from the beginning if he wishes to speak to him. But in a startling role reversal, Yajirobe is the Good Cop to Karin's Bad Cop, giving Gohan all the Senzu Beans he needs, for free, plus an extra one Karin was about to eat.

Haiya Dragon nearly collapses from the stress of flying across the world at such a tense pace. Thinking on it, Gohan gives his dragon friend a Senzu - bad idea. The Armored Squad pick up his raised ki on their Scouters immediately, and soon enough, Gohan is surrounded.

Despite his own skill, Gohan is no match for the combined power of the Armored Squad.
Single-handedly, Piccolo turns the whole Armored Squad into his banquet of bitches.

... until Coola puts a hole in his chest.
(Ryusei Naoko also likes shooting Piccolo in the chest.)

Gohan at last gets the Senzu to Goku, when Sauzer arrives to destroy the entire bag - thanks to Coola taking Piccolo out of the fight. Furiously, Kuririn jumps into the fray! As he does so, Gohan remembers the last Senzu Bean Yajirobe gave him, which he conveniently did not put in the bag with the others. Score!

As Kuririn falls, Gohan rushes in with an assist!
... and gets taken out without much effort.

(Gohan, you're pretty ineffective in the movies, have you noticed? You're like Yamcha, in the series.)

But as Sauzer turns his attention back to the cave, he's going to regret his career choice.

Goku threatens to beat the life out of Sauzer for what he's done to Kuririn and Gohan. Just then, Coola wonders a loud if Piccolo is another of his friends. He offers to give him back to Goku...

Coola: Cold as ice.

Sauzer takes the opportunity to land a strike against Goku...!!
... and he's about to regret his career choice in 3, 2, 1...
... now.

Goku roughs up Coola something good, and Coola congratulates him. He is, indeed, strong enough to beat Freeza. But Coola has something his brother did not...
He can transform one time more than his brother Freeza.

Utterly outmatched in speed, Goku uses a Kaioken x20!
It doesn't work out.
"Aw, poop."

A simple Kaioken x20 not doing the trick, Goku combines it with...
... a mighty Kamehameha!!
Did Coola just jump through a Kamehameha?!
(As if the allusions to Christ weren't thick enough in this series.)

Coola leaves the crucified Saiyan to die, his pride at last satisfied. Now he, the self-proclaimed most powerful in the universe, will destroy the Planet Earth and see to the death of all the Saiyan race. Super Saiyan or not...

(Yeah, gonna have to go with "or not," big guy.)

Coola raises an arm to strike his revitalized foe...
... but Super Saiyan Son Goku is too quick!
... and too tough.
... and too strong.

But Coola has one chance still on his side...!!
He's an asshole!
Utilizing a ki attack like the one that Freeza used to destroy Planet Vegeta, Coola takes aim at the Super Saiyan and his home world.
And Son Goku...
... the Saiyan raised on Earth...
... bounces it back at him.
As Coola is devoured by the sun, a thought pops in his head...

All's well that ends well, on Planet Earth! Our heroes reunited, and Coola dead, it's time for peace to return once again. (Until next time, same Dragon Ball time, same Dragon Ball channel!)



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